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President Faye Of Senegal Appoints Sonko As Prime Minister

by Iliyasu Nuhu
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In his first official act as president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye of Senegal named Ousmane Sonko, a fiery politician and strong supporter, as prime minister on Tuesday.
Popular among the country’s youth, Sonko is the opponent of former President Macky Sall; however, a defamation conviction prevented him from running in the March 24 presidential election. He refuted any misconduct.
Along with his senior subordinate, Faye, who ultimately won with more than 54% of the vote in the first round, Sonko pushed followers to vote for her during their combined campaign under the slogan “Diomaye is Sonko.”
Tuesday marked Faye’s inauguration.

After being appointed, Sonko stated that he would provide Faye with a complete list of all suggested ministry nominations for his approval.
“Leaving him won’t even be on the table” (Faye) alone to assume this heavy responsibility”, Sonko said.


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