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2023: Sultan Urges Nigerians to Use Their Votes to Elect Good Leaders

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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Dr. Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III has urged Nigerians to use their votes wisely to elect good leaders in the forthcoming general elections scheduled for February and March this year.

The Sultan made the remarks on Thursday while addressing participants at the 29th regular meeting of the National Council on Water Resources taking place in Sokoto.

He said many negative things were being said about Sokoto and the north in terms of the security situation, “you who are here in Sokoto are living witness that, the state is peaceful with a very quiet and stable environment.

“Sokoto state is home to all, we don’t have non-indigenes, but rather resident communities, we are One Big Family.

“Let’s put ethnicity aside if we want our country Nigeria to progress as a nation, adding that Nigeria is far better than many countries of the world in terms of security.

“No resident Communities in Sokoto are not paying school fees for their wards in all public schools across the state” It’s free of charge” stated the Sultan.

“God has adequate reasons for making us live together in respective of our beliefs, tribe or ethnicity, saying that if he so wishes he will in his wisdom make us speak the same language and practice same religion without challenge,” the Monarch said.

The Sultan further called on Nigerian citizens to do whatever they could to free the country from the present challenge of insecurity which is becoming a global phenomenon.

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