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Joeboy Reveals Upcoming Project And Partnership With MUSON

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The biggest names in African music may get up close and personal about their music and journeys on YouTube’s “Up Close with…” series.
The festivities began in Lagos with a private performance by Nigerian singer-songwriter Joeboy, who thrilled fans by revealing his highly anticipated new album and a partnership with the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON).
During the intimate evening, which combined thought-provoking talk with the exciting revelation of Joeboy’s next musical chapter, fans were exposed to a unique view inside his world.

Joeboy spoke candidly about his creative journey during the event, discussing everything from his breakthrough smash “Fààjí” to hits like “Baby” and “Sip.” In a fireside conversation that was intimate and wide-ranging, he revealed the tales behind his music, the evolution of his sound, and the creative challenges he’s embraced along the way.

The hitmaker also announced that he will be dropping a new project in 2024.

This year, the new record will be released. But I want to give myself enough time to get ready for the release. About his eagerly awaited third album, he stated, “This way, when it eventually releases, everything will be set up precisely for a huge premiere.”
Joeboy also disclosed a partnership with the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), with whom he has worked to create an orchestral rendition of his classics. This initiative demonstrates the deep collaborative spirit of Afrobeats in addition to Joeboy’s flexibility.

This creative blend highlights the limitless potential within the African music scene and is scheduled to debut on his YouTube page.

Joeboy’s thrilling partnership with the MUSON Orchestra is available to followers on his YouTube page as of this Friday, March 29. This provides fans with a fresh dimension to his artistry.





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