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Portable Teases Super Eagles Over Losing To Ivory Coast

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Diligent Nigerian rapper Portable, also known as Habeeb Okikiola Olanrewaju, recently released a video in which he blames the Super Eagles of Nigeria for losing to Ivory Coast in the AFCON final.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria were unable to win the 2023 AFCON yesterday, Sunday, February 11th, 2024, when they fell to the host country, Ivory Coast, 2:1 in the competition’s championship match.
Portable has joined the gang of Nigerians who have been criticizing several Super Eagles players, despite the fact that some have applauded the Super Eagles for their efforts in reaching the tournament final.

In a recent video, Portable attacks the Super Eagles, days after condemning Nigerians for dedicating their time to watching the AFCON and acknowledging the bad state of the nation’s affairs.

The “Zazoo Zeh” hitmaker claimed that because the Super Eagles players didn’t play well enough to win the trophy, they didn’t deserve to win.

He continued by saying that some talented players like Sango and Agege would crush the Ivory Coast’s Elephants in the AFCON final.


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