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The Nigerians Economic Calamity: Is Tinubu’s Time for Introspection?

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Ahmed Ilallah

Nigerians’ provocations these days, have exposed the sorrows and unresistant attitude of bearing the current economic challenges facing the country.

The demonstrations, the strike notices by labour unions, and media attacks by many Nigerians and the opposition parties are attempting to start crippling the new government.

Are these issues enough for the administration of Tinubu to introspect and have a new mental approach to driving the largest black nation on earth?

Bouncing of blame between the government and the opposition parties will not in any way solve the problems.

Likewise taking undemocratic actions against the protesters by the leaders will only undermine the democratic rights of the citizens.

If we can recall, the leaders of today including Mr. President participated in the 2014 Occupy Nigeria demonstrations as a result of similar situations.

The reality of the economic crisis in Nigeria accelerated since around 2015 there are predictions of the present situation and if majors are not taken, the hardship will not reach a diminishing return.

Though President Bola Tinubu’s reckoning to fix the situation is very simple, and like his predecessors, he believed and worked with a theoretical view of so-called economic analysts, the administration implemented the critical measures by removing the fuel subsidy and unified exchange rate. These decisions have triggered the hardship of Nigerians.

In addition to these crises, Tinubu’s administration has come up with alleviation efforts to cushion the situation, but the inability of the government to keep to its promises both to the labour unions and the citizens has made the Nigerians have bad faith in the government.

The expectation of prosperity is quite low, based on economic and social facts. The commitment of the government is fully conducted with indiscipline and corruption.

The Ministry of Humanitarian has just become a center of corruption, the current minister was suspended and suspected of accusations of corruption, likewise, the former minister and other top officials of the ministry are all on corruption accusations.

The big question is these people assembled by Tinubu to help him administrate the country well enough to see him through?

The policies and strategy shown by this administration in tackling the economic hardship have not differed from the previous governments’ activities. The activities of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs are just a continuation of Buhari’s policy. Which has not yielded positive results.

If this administration succeeds, it must rethink its strategy, especially in economic management.

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