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Mohbad’s Family Denies Threatening The Late Singer’s Wife

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The late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, was married to Wunmi and their son Liam. The singer’s family has formally addressed and refuted claims that they have threatened Wunmi’s and Liam’s lives.
Following Wunmi’s allegation that she had received harassing calls cautioning her against seeking justice for her late husband’s killing, these charges came to light.
The statement, which was signed by one of the legal team’s members, Monisola Odumosu, stressed that despite outstanding concerns about Liam, Mohbad’s purported child, the family has no plans to harm Wunmi.

The claims were described as sensitive in a statement made public by the family’s attorneys on Friday night, and Wunmi was urged to identify any family members who may have made such threats.

“Our attention has been drawn to a news item circulating in social media that alleges that the widow of the late Ilerioluwa promise Aloba, also known as Mohbad, is being pursued by the Aloba family and certain bloggers, including Bukky Jesse, Yeye Kudi Courtroom, and Adeshina Kasbir Hayat (henceforth referred to as our clients).”

“We feel that it is necessary to address Mrs. Wunmi Aloba’s allegations given the delicate nature of the claim and the continuing inquiry into the unorthodox death of the late Mohbad.

In the aforementioned publication, Mrs. Wunmi Aloba has brought up a few important points. First. “Her husband’s family has sworn to kill her and her son,” the woman said. Wunmi Aloba has neglected to provide a list of the names of those family members.

The legal maxim ‘incumbit probatio qui dicit non qui negat’ states that a woman seeking the truth about her late son’s death should inform the Nigerian public.

The clients have not been in any position to threaten the wife, despite the unsettled issues surrounding their grandchild’s paternity. Mrs. Wunmi Aloba has reported receiving strange calls threatening her if she continued to seek justice for her late husband.

The Nigeria Police should investigate these calls, as they know the right measures to take on threats made to a complainant by phone. The clients, particularly TikTokers, have made fair comments and encouraged Mrs. Aloba to speak out on the circumstances leading to her husband’s death.


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