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UNHCR Chief Travels To Sudan To See Displaced Families

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Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, undertook a moving tour to Sudan, meeting with families shattered by the terrible violence engulfing the country.

These families are suffering unspeakable suffering in camps for displaced people that are dispersed throughout the nation after being uprooted from their homes and means of support by the ongoing unrest.

Ten long months of conflict in Sudan have resulted in an astounding number of displaced people—nearly 8 million—who have fled their homes and sought safety in neighboring nations including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Chad, Egypt, and the Central African Republic.

In addition to destroying lives, the unrelenting bloodshed has destroyed Sudan’s economy and severely damaged its once-thriving healthcare industry. The suffering of already vulnerable populations has increased because to recent conflict escalation, which includes the Rapid Support Forces’ capture of Wad Madani, Sudan’s second-largest city. Hundreds of thousands of people who were escaping turmoil in Khartoum and other places had found refuge at Wad Madani, only to be uprooted once more.

Grandi saw firsthand the horrific conditions faced by families who have been internally displaced while traveling to Ethiopia and Sudan. He heard their testimonies in Port Sudan and Kassala, eastern Sudan, elevating their voices and pleading with the international community for immediate assistance.

Most of the displaced families are stuck in congested camps and are dependent on help and the support of other Sudanese families going through similar struggles. The need for aid is critical in places like Gedaref and Kassala, where displaced people are still coming from war-torn regions.

UNHCR is unwavering in its resolve to offer essential assistance to internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees throughout Sudan. The agency works to lessen the suffering of those affected by the crisis by providing medical referrals, legal and financial aid, counseling sessions, help with asylum proceedings, and resettlement choices.

The UNHCR issued a harsh statement outlining the severe humanitarian situation in Sudan and voicing serious worries about the possible spread of violence to other regions of the nation. The tragic situation of the displaced families worsens as the conflict rages on, highlighting the critical need for ongoing international assistance and engagement.


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