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Charly Boy Said “I Sleep In A Coffin For Days”

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Charles Oputa, well known by his stage name Charly Boy, is a veteran Nigerian singer who has disclosed that he has a coffin in his home.
The performer revealed that he occasionally spends hours sleeping in a coffin.

This was said by the septuagenarian during an appearance on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch.

“There was a time I heard you had coffin and goes to sleep in it for hours or days,” inquired Ezinne, one of the co-hosts. Is that accurate?

“Yeah,” Charly Boy answered.

Again, Ezinne questioned, “Why?”

“Z!” was Charly Boy’s reply.

The performer additionally disclosed that he had wed his spouse more than three times.

He claimed he no longer gives a damn about having sex.

He stated, “As President of PMAN, I cautioned the business entities not to pay artists less than 1 million Naira.”


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