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Senegalese Frustrated As Parliament Delay Election

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The postponement of the election scheduled for February 25 and the extension of President Macky Sall’s mandate, which was set to expire on April 2, were approved by Senegal’s parliament late on Monday, February 5.

Senegalese people are divided as a result of the shocking revelation.

“I’m angry, like hundreds of Senegalese, since Macky Sall’s decision to postpone the presidential election caught us off guard. This has to be seen as a constitutional coup, “says Adama, a native of Dakar.

“I was already dissatisfied, and my disappointment has only intensified because Macky Sall told us he had enshrined the Constitution so that no one could change it no matter what,” reiterates Lamine, another inhabitant.

“He went to the Constitutional Council when he made the decision to shorten his term to five years. He turned to Parliament this time. Senegalese, I believe they are playing with us. Macky Sall is seriously endangering individuals by messing with them.”

It has been difficult to accept the shock, even how the development felt over the last few weeks. Dr. Mouhamed Alimou, a political scientist, claims that the current regime’s action is anti-democratic.

“This is the kind of authoritarian behavior that is exclusive to authoritarian governments. Our long-term residence in Senegal seemed to be a haven, “He states

“They discussed Senegal’s remarkable democracy, praising it as a harbinger of stability, a trailblazer of the multiparty system, and a nation where press and speech freedoms exist. For a while now, this model has been disintegrating. This is the issue we are facing, and this model has to be updated.

The legislators’ vote initiates a period of uncertainty. In Senegal, everyone is afraid of how the opposition will respond. The majority of opposition leaders have demanded widespread mobilization against what they see as power abuse.


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