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Nollywood, Kannywood Can Bring Back Nigeria’s Honesty – Ali Nuhu

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The well-known Nigerian actor Ali Nuhu has underlined the need of putting quality first in Nigerian cinema as a way to preserve the identity of the country.

The director of the Nigerian Film Corporation noted in a previous interview that only 30–35% of Nigerian films currently meet the necessary degree of quality, while the goal should be to reach at least 70–75%.

As she answered questions in a BBC interview, Nuhu stressed that the best way to address this issue is to provide filmmakers with top-notch tools and equipment and to improve educational possibilities.

“One issue facing the Nigerian film business is that, out of the films we create, only thirty to thirty-five percent are of the desired quality, when the target percentage should be at least seventy-five to seventy-five percent,” stated Ali Nuhu.

Thus, I will concentrate on this by ensuring that we have better education and access to high-quality equipment.

The Kannywood star declared, “We want to make Nigeria’s film industry among the greatest in the world because we value quality above quantity and don’t require quantity.”

Nuhu expressed his opinion that movies may be extremely important in helping to restore the country’s positive image despite the unfavorable one that some people have of Nigeria.

“We will restore our integrity through these films because, as we look at our country, some rotten apples have already given the nation a poor reputation,” he continued.

Furthermore, Nuhu sent a message of support to Nollywood and Kannywood, Nigeria’s two main film industries.

“I am a member of both; to accomplish all of our aims, I need support from all sides the most,” he remarked.


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