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Kano Attorney General Declares Zero-Tolerance to Corrupt Practices

- To address bottlenecks hindering justice dispensation

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By Musbahu Aminu Yakasai

The Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Haruna Isa Dederi Esq on Thursday convened a meeting with all state counsels in a pivotal gathering to address pressing concerns within the legal system.

He highlighted several key issues affecting the efficiency and integrity of the Ministry.

One of the primary concerns raised was the pervasive issue of punctuality and early closure of offices within the ministry.

 Dederi Esq expressed deep concern over these practices, emphasizing the need for a more disciplined approach to working hours to ensure the timely and effective delivery of justice.

The Commissioner stressed the importance of commitment and professionalism among counsels to uphold the integrity of the justice system identifying non-appearance in court and lack of diligent Prosecution as significant challenges hindering the legal process.

He condemned in strong terms any form of corruption called for a thorough investigation into the allegation of corruption in the ministry, and affirmed that the Ministry must be an institution of trust, free from any unethical practices.

Dederi Esq also expressed grave concern over reports of counsels collecting money before providing legal advice and releasing prisoners, saying such actions compromise the credibility of the legal system and erode public trust, as a result, he declared a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of corruption or malpractice.

He called upon all state counsels to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, emphasizing that the pursuit of justice must be unwavering and beyond reproach.

The State Attorney General said he is committed to fostering a justice system that operates with transparency, integrity, and dedication to the rule of law, saying the ministry will undertake immediate actions to address the issues raised and restore public confidence in the legal processes.

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