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Kano Gurasa Bakers Protest Over Hike in Price of Flour 

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Lukman Abdulmalik 

Kano State Gurasa Bakers Association in Chediyar Yangurasa, Jakara, protested on Friday over the hike in the price of flour.

The protest was organised by a group of women who bake and sell gurasa and local pasta; they held different placards describing their condition and dissatisfaction over the increase in the cost of flour. 

While speaking to Stallion Times, the Chairman of the Kano State Gurasa Makers, Fatima Auwal asserted that the cost of flour has made many gurasa makers to quit the business and many others have loss their capital. 

She added that “The cost of flour is increasing by the day, currently we buy a bag of flour at a cost of N45,000.

“We cannot buy a bag of flour now, because after baking the gurasa we hardly make a profit out of it, sometimes we run at a loss. 

“If this artificial increment continues, we will surely have to go on strike, because we can’t sustain the business anymore as a lifeline for our livelihood.”

Also complaining about the hike in the price of flour, Rukkaya Adamu a gurasa marker in Chediyar Yangurasa narrated that she is currently running at loss.

She explained that she joined the peaceful protest in solidarity with her colleague on the rising cost of flour in the market.

“We declare  profit anymore as sometimes the bag of flour comes incomplete (meaning, not measuring to the required kilogram per bag). 

“Our business depends on flour and also feeds my family out of the profit made from baking gurasa, wainar flour, doughnut and local pasta.”

In a separate with Stallion Times Maimuna Hussaini Dogon Nama, a widow and mother of 4 children, lamented that despite buying a bag of  flour at a cost of N45,000, she hardly makes a profit; rather, she declared loss of N15,000.

Ibrahim Hassan, a grocery shop owner who sells bread in Jakara also shared the same concern concern over the increase in flour.

He explained that the least cost of bread, which is N100, is today selling for N200.

“There is low patronage these days, most times the bread is left unsold. 

On the sideline Nura Aliyu, a roasted meat and Tsire seller along Mandawari Sabon Titi section in Kano Municipal said he has stopped selling because of the rising cost in the processed gurasa, which is usually a good combination for his customers who patronize his Tsire business. 

To drive their point home, the protestants, (Kano State Gurasa Makers Association) called on all relevant stakeholders including government and regulatory bodies to as a matter of urgency find a means to stabilize the price of flour and other foodstuffs in the market. 

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