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CAF To Address The “Unprofessional” Conduct Of Journalists

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In response to what it describes as the “escalating unbecoming and unprofessional” behavior of journalists during the Africa Cup of Nations, the Confederation of African Football is taking action. In an effort to identify practical answers, CAF said on Friday, February 2 that it spoke with the local organizing committee and police. It also brought up its concerns to a number of groups that represent journalists at the competition.

The CAF stated that “any media representative who is involved in a fight in media areas or physical scuffle” will also have their accreditation revoked. “Going forward, any media practitioner who is involved in wild celebrations and abuses other media colleagues will be immediately removed by security and his/her accreditation will be withdrawn,” the CAF stated.

Also, the CAF announced that foul language directed at coaches or players will not be allowed, and that recording in the media tribune and live streaming from the mixed zone are forbidden.

When it became apparent that the players were avoiding the traditional post-game mixed zone, Ghanaian journalists and the team were engaged in a confrontation following the team’s group-stage elimination. In the midst of heightened security, the players were taken to the team bus.

The International Sports Press Association denounced the “deplorable” conduct of journalists during the current Africa Cup of Nations on Wednesday.

The group called the Africa Cup by its abbreviation “CAN 2023” and stated, “Between heated conflicts, insults, invectives, it is a terrible spectacle that certain colleagues have been providing to the globe.”

Throughout games, a large number of authorized journalists covering the competition have been noisily cheering for their teams and proudly donning the jerseys of their respective countries. Following the team’s victory over Senegal via penalties, an Ivorian with press credentials was captured on camera dancing without shirts.

Along with the regular arguments between media members rushing to board buses during the tournament, there have also been altercations between journalists from Guinea and Senegal prior to their countries’ group stage match, as well as between Moroccan media and representatives of South Africa during their teams’ Tuesday match.


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