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Rita Edochie Warns Nigerians Of Risks Associated With Smoking

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Rita Edochie, a Nollywood actress, is cautioning Nigerians against smoking and drinking too much alcohol. The Mami Wata actress used social media to warn people about the negative effects of smoking and binge drinking.

Edochie stressed the possible health hazards connected to these habits in a severe message that she shared on her Instagram. The actress conveyed her worry for individuals who partake in these activities without considering the health of their essential organs, including the liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs.

She emphasized the fragility of these organs and the necessity for appropriate treatment as she urged the public to take charge of their health.

She said to start: “All these folks who play with their life in any way, smoke in any way, drink excessively—when una starts to face health challenges, I don’t want to contribute shi shi ooo. The human body’s kidney, liver, heart, and lungs are extremely fragile organs that need to be carefully cared for, therefore please refrain from contacting me through direct message or the comment section if you are carrying out your own play.”

The health warnings on cigarette packets were emphasized by Edochie, who called attention to the statement that “smokers are inclined to die early.” She pointed out that some people carry out these actions in defiance of these warnings, endangering their health.

“The federal ministry of health even writes on the packet of cigarettes that smokers smoke, cautioning them against dying young. But Una didn’t go back and listen. If you harm your body beyond repair, you should start asking for help “She went on firmly.


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