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Rashford At Manchester United Is Accused Of “Wasting His Talent”

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Alan Shearer has charged Marcus Rashford, a striker for Manchester United, of “squandering his talent” after skipping an FA Cup match against Newport.
The England international’s “sickness” kept him out of that match, but Erik ten Hag made a suggestion that there could be more going on. He declared: “He stated he was sick. Let’s assume that it is an internal issue that I will handle. That is an internal issue.” After being photographed in nightclubs in Belfast on Wednesday and Thursday, where he was visiting his closest friend and former academy teammate Ro-Shaun Williams, Rashford missed training on Friday.

The damage had already been done in Manchester when Rashford, 26, boarded a private plane to return to England. Former England striker Shearer informed BBC Sport of Rashford’s actions, saying, “If it’s an internal situation, you’d believe something is up.” Marcus Rashford is a really talented player. He received penalties last season for arriving late to a pre-game meeting, but there is obviously a problem—either at home or in his connection with the football team. This is not right, and he cannot continue to waste his potential in this way.

He requires strong leadership, someone to confront him and warn him that if he keeps going in this direction, he will have many regrets at the end of his career. You must immediately figure things out; you cannot continue doing this. Four goals this season, thirty goals the previous. He seems to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders while he plays, and it has to be sorted out right now since he isn’t able to handle it.
Shearer previously revealed to Premier League Productions, following Rashford’s loss of motivation: Since we’re not affiliated with the football team, I believe the straightforward response is that we don’t know. But, the person we are observing is obviously very unhappy. He appears gloomy, and you should never perform while that’s the case.

I’m not sure if he believes that what is now at Old Trafford is inferior to him. Maybe he is disappointed by the recruitment process given that he exceeded his targets from the previous year. This season, the club hasn’t visited it, which may have been something he desired or anticipated. You’re not seeing a happy football player right now; you’re not seeing a happy Marcus Rashford. When playing for England, he appears different than when playing for Manchester United.

After scoring a career-high thirty goals in his final season at Old Trafford, Rashford was rewarded with a new contract. Since then, he has appeared unwell, and if his club form does not improve, he may not be able to play at Euro 2024. Ten Hag will have to make the decision as to when to bring him back into the United fold.


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