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Tobi Makinde Reveal His Relationship With Funke Akindele

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The connection between Nollywood actor Tobi Makinde and his senior colleague and movie producer Funke Akindele has been made public.
In an interview with Legit, the actor discussed his outstanding portrayal of Shina in the well watched film “A Tribe Called Judah.”

Tobi revealed that collaborating with Funke has been both an incredible experience and a learning curve for him.

He praised the accomplished director as a professional and strict disciplinarian, saying he aspired to be like her due to her notable contributions to the film business.

“It has been nothing short of incredible working with Funke Akindele for years,” he stated. For me, it has been a learning curve. She has taught me a lot, and I have witnessed progress in her. She is very disciplined and professional. She is a seasoned pro, and I am going with her lead because of the incredible progress she has made today. As I follow the same career path as hers—filmmaking—this is what I have always desired. Like her, I aspire to be as well. Since she is being commemorated today, I want to be honored as well.

Tobi Makinde stated that while he anticipated “A Tribe Called Judah” to leave an impression, he was unaware of how exceptional it would turn out to be.

“I am thrilled and astonished by the response the film has received,” he declared. Was it anticipated? It was, indeed. I’m not going to lie. According to the screenplay, the plot was engaging. That was a relatable topic that many could identify with. Even though this is how I had anticipated it, I had not anticipated it to be this large. Given that a significant record is being broken, this is a major victory for Nollywood. It has made more than one billion naira. That is a significant victory for the actors, crew, industry, and executive producer Funke Akindele.


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