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The Sextortion Corruption in Kannywood: A Thought to Muhuyi and Daurawa

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By Ahmed Ilallah

Before getting into the details of the issue, let’s rationally ask ourselves in the context of our religion and culture in our minds.

What is Kannywood? Why Kannywood? Why is it problematic for the morality of the young girls?

Corruption is not only an illicit demand of money for service but demanding sex from women in favor of inclusion is also another form of corruption.

Though the firm industries all over the world are sometimes controversial, it becomes difficult to be free from allegations of atrocities and sexual immoralities.

The Kannywood has been for a long time of alleged of being a center and an agent of recruiting young and innocent girls into promiscuous business. Many girls get into sex for money business as a result of their desire to become an actress in Kannywood.

Kannywood becomes a scared goat in destroying the morals of our children, not only in Kano but in the whole northern and Hausa communities across the world. It was centered in Kano, where there are Hisba and Anti-Corruption commissions. A religious and cultural state.

The recent outburst of some actors and actresses of the rampant immoral sexual abuses and sextortion corruption in the film industry has told the whole world, the status of Kannywood.

This is the right time to stop all activities of Kannywood and conduct a thorough investigation into the whole of its activities.

A recent interview by one of the actors Amdas has exposed the extreme sexual atrocities that are taking place in Kannywood.

One of the actresses Fiddausi Hamisu Abdullahi in her interview with Freedom Radio’s Facebook page exposed the high sextortion corruption in the industry, in what they called ‘Kanta Waye’.

The popular Tick-Toker Murja Kunya on her page has also elaborated on the illicit sexual activities in the film-making industry.

The quarrel of the stakeholders of Kannywood is enough for the relevant authorities to take action to safeguard society.

My thoughts to Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, the HISBA Commandant, and Barrister Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado, is to make a thorough investigation of their different route of incidences.

Their inaction on the matter after all social media commentaries on the incident, is not only downgrading the commissions, it’s destroying the image and reputation of Kano.

Ilallah writes from Jigawa and he can be reached via alhajilallah@gmail.com

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