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Phyna Breaks Silence On Chichi’s N100m Lawsuit

by Iliyasu Nuhu
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Phyna, Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner, has finally spoken out about her argument with Chichi during the reunion and N100 million lawsuit.

Phyna accused Chichi of abandoning her husband and children in Benin City after a heated argument that culminated in the death of one of her children during the BBNaija Reunion.

She further stated that Chichi utilized the death of her parents as a winning strategy in the competition. Phyna had also dubbed Chichi a stripper and age-shamed her, claiming she was 33. Phyna also claimed that Chichi poisoned her buddy in Cyprus out of jealously.

Speaking about it now in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Phyna claimed that the comments Chichi used against her—which the show’s producers chose not to air—were the cause of her rage.

She said that Chi-Chi body-shamed her and called her an abortionist, which set her off.

Phyna drew attention to the absurdity of Chichi body shaming her when she had a natural figure, as opposed to her who underwent surgery to achieve a curvier form.

Commenting about the case, Phyna said that she wasn’t worried about getting sued since she was ready to go to court with her and fight it out.

“The way I attacked her they should have known she said something, that part was mute. Because the previous day, you body shamed me, you called me shapeless and saggy boobs, that’s why I had to use the word for her that she would record in her heart and brain. Because you can’t be body-shaming me that have a natural body, I had to remind her that there are stuff.

You called me an abortionist, I reminded you that you have two kids that you abandoned.

Two days later, she is suing me in court for N100 million for libel and defamation of character. I called my lawyer that if we didn’t reply to the lawsuit, what would happen? My lawyer said if we didn’t reply within 7 days, she could charge me in court. The next day I bought a suit to prepare for court.

I don’t like trouble but I love trouble”.


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