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Kano: NLC Nationwide Warning Strike Records Mixed Reactions

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Lukman Abdulmalik

As the Nigeria Labour Union (NLC) nationwide warning strike continues for the second day, residents in Kano react with mixed feelings.

It could be recalled that the NLC had on Friday given notice of a two-day nationwide warning strike to protest against the suffering of the everyday people in the country.

Stallion Times reports that the 2-day warning strike which started on Tuesday is being enforced in the state as mandated by the NLC national body.  

A statement on Tuesday by Kano State Head of Civil Service (HoS), Usman Bala Muhammad urged the State Council of the NLC to relax areas of provision of essential services.

In a random interview, some residents shared their assessments about the strike with Stallion Times.

Musa Abdullah, a trader and resident of Gaida in Kumbosto LGA, said: “I am happy about this strike because the government has suffered us a lot in less than six months of being in the office.

“I also complied with the strike by shutting down my business for the warning strike.

“Despite I know that I will lose some profit, but in solidarity with the betterment of our country I decided to comply.

“We hope the government would reason with Nigerians and find a better solution to the current hardship faced by its citizens.”

Also reacting to the warning strike is Ugochukwu Eze, a resident of Sabon Gari in the metropolis, he said: “The strike has caused more economic setbacks in the country, as millions of Naira in business is being lost.

According to him, the NLC should devise other measures of engaging the government. It should just adopt a more effective way of ensuring that the government meets their demands, rather than shutting down the country.  

The NLC should have used its might to avert the removal of fuel subsidy, as the strike action is like flogging a dead Horse.

Adding that “At a time when Nigerians are already adapting to the new fuel pump regime, the NLC is going on a strike, and to me, this isn’t effective because their strike comes a little bit late.

“Stopping people from working will in one way or the other affect a percentage of their income, especially for the informal workers who rely on daily earnings.

“This strike action has seriously affected the country’s economy and the livelihood of a common man.”

On his part, Joseph Peter, a resident of Jaba, a section of Airport road, and Sabon Gari in the metropolis noted that the industrial action is a result of a lack of trust between government and labour unions.

He explained that previous governments have always made promises without fulfilling them, hence, the need for strike action to set the government on its toes.

“They are acting based on past experiences. Paliatives have been given to National assemblies but what about the citizens? What do they want the masses to do? Regarding the N5 billion palliatives that were announced, I’m not sure if it will get down to the masses.

“The past administration was APC, so they should have no excuse. Looking at the cost of governance, always on the high, and looking at the average life of a Nigerian citizen, how are they faring?

“Most of the masses are into small and medium businesses, most of them live by their daily earnings and that is why total enforcement of the strike action is difficult.

“If NLC did not embark on the strike, the government won’t take them seriously, I hope they take them seriously now and react positively.”

Mr. Peter however called on the Federal Government to create an atmosphere of trust by merging words with actions, so that they can be trusted, and when they demand time to implement any policy or action, the people can trust them.

Another resident of Jaba, Jamila Abdullahi, said: “Salaries have not been increased but the prices of different kinds of stuff and things are on the rise almost daily.

“When you go to the market today, the price of what you will buy today might be different from the price you will hear next week, and the high cost of transportation is there also.”

She also called on the government to as a matter of urgency come to the aid of the masses by making the necessary provision of Palliatives or return the subsidy it removed from petroleum so that life can be easy for the people.

At the popular currency market, Wapa, Fagge LGA, Kamilu Said Sani said the NLC warning strike has undoubtedly had significant effects on various sectors across the country.

“The strike action will serve as a strong signal to both the government and employers, drawing attention to the pressing issues faced by workers and demanding necessary actions to address these concerns,” he added.

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