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Kano: Report to us or be Treated as Common Criminals, Police to Blacksmiths

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Comfort Yakubu, Kano

The Kano State Police Command has sent invitations to four blacksmiths who are responsible for fabricating weapons for thugs otherwise known as Yan daba to report themselves to the nearest Police station in the state or would be treated as common criminals.

The State Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel, gave the warning on Thursday when he climbed the ancient Dala hill (Dutse Dala) in an effort to fight thuggery in the state.

Dala Hills has been taken over by thugs and turned into their hideout and place of rendezvous especially for illicit dealings in drugs and totally a no-go area for non-members.

He gave the names of the blacksmith as Bala Isra’ila of Santar Bulo Village of Bichi LGA, Auta Makeri of Kwandarma Village of Minjibir LGA, Sarkin Kira of Adakawa Quarters of Dala LGA, Dayyabu Gawuna of Gawuna Quarters of Nassarawa LGA.

CP Gumel said, “Equally, the Police Command is going to start arresting the fabricators of these life-threatening weapons who mainly artisans are popularly known as the Black Smiths who are on a daily basis keep arming the thugs (Yan Daba).

While parading a total of 92 suspects arrested within the state in the last two weeks including 49 thugs at the command headquarters, the CP said blacksmithing is one of the highly respected trades especially in northern Nigeria in states like Kano but some bad elements are coming into the business and are trying to sabotage the good name of the trade.

“You can see the various types of Knives displayed, anyone who sees these knives you will know these knives are not fabricated for the cutting of yams, meat, or other domestic uses. They are used for other things, especially violence on human beings. From the edges, everybody knows they are a semblance of what we call Jackknife. Jack knives are items to be used only by conventional uniform Services – the military and Police.

“But nowadays, blacksmiths are the ones producing these things without minding the consequences, for all they know is that they sell them at a giveaway price.

Still talking about how the blacksmith is getting sophisticated, Gumel also paraded a locally made baretter pistol and a revolver gun which looks exactly like an English weapon made by the blacksmith which he described as a waste of talent. He said: “For me, I will describe this as an abuse of talent – they have the talent to do something good. Anyone responsible for producing this kind of weapon is as good as the criminal himself. There is no how when someone shows you this even if it is empty you will not surrender to him.

“They are armed and when they see you, they attack you and when you don’t surrender your property, they will take your life.

We have sent an invitation to artisans and blacksmiths in the state to come around us, Let us have a dialogue, we will sensitize and educate them on the approaches; Is he a farmer, a butcher, or a hunter? What type of thing will he be doing with the weapon he wants you to manufacture for him?

“I think if you are to contribute to society, you will also be a policeman in your own way by refusing anyone that wants to use your business in order to prosecute this kind of criminal activities,” he explained.

“Our searchlight has also been extended towards Dala Grave Yard and Chiranchi General Area where it is becoming a den of the infamous unrepentant ones.

Recalled that the Police in the last two weeks invited 16 thugs to report themselves to the police. So far the the police said eight out of those invited have reported alongside 24 of their foot soldiers.

“By this uncommon gesture, their names are currently in the police repentant register. This implies that henceforth they are not to be arrested by police of this command or stigmatized by members of the community as they have all agreed to keep assisting the Police in fishing out those who are yet to take this kind of bold decision.

This means that the remaining eight (8) people whose names were mentioned are yet to voluntarily submit themselves to the Police. Therefore, we are seeing them as daring us.

“In our part, we are going to deploy all the available assets towards dislodging them from their locations and will be made to face the wrath of the law in the shortest possible time. They are as follows; Abba Burakita Unguwar Dorayi, Cile Maidoki Unguwar Tudun Fulani, Uzaifa Unguwar Yola, Hantar Daba Kwanar Diso Bahago of Makabarta Kuka Bulukiya, Sharu Gambo Unguwar Sharifai, Ma’aruf Goma Unguwar Hanga, Zubairu Mai Dala Unguwar Yelwa.

“We are please calling on you to use all the available means to inform the following set of the second batch of the people we want to have dialogue with to also report themselves, if not, within the next two (02) weeks anyone that refuses to be with us, he will henceforth be counted against us and will be arrested wherever we come across him.”

They are: Bahago Tamasi Gyaranya, Bello Maro Yakasai, Dan Jibirilla Yakasai, Maraja Gabari, Sha’aban Tanga Yakasai, Dan Aiye DanAgundi, Sharu Ata Hanga, Bala Laba, Dan Bashir Zage, Dan Nura Sheshe, Halifa Kado Galadanchi, Dogan Manfol Yakasai, Dinfama Ziri and Sarki Dankima Rijiyar Lemo.

By this Press Briefing, the Police Command is calling on collaborative efforts and engagements by all stakeholders, especially our non-state actors; the Vigilantes, Traditional Hunters, and Special Constabulary Personnel to keep coming together to ensure that these elements of insecurity are hunted and arrested anywhere they are found.

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