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Burna Boy reacts to being called ‘New Cat’

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Afrobeat singer Burna Boy, a multiple award-winning Nigerian artist, finally breaks his silence after being dubbed a “new cat” in the music industry.

A month ago, a “new-cats vs old-cats” feud erupted after Davido made a remark that labelled Burna Boy, among others, as “new in the industry.”

Burna Boy addressed the issue weeks later in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro.

Odogwu, as he is affectionately known, stated that he is unconcerned about his colleague mistaking him for a newcomer to the music industry.

Such statements, he claims, only serve to make him feel younger and motivate him to do more.

Burna Boy said;

“It is a good thing that people think my movement is new. I love that. Because it keeps me young. It means like, I can do so much more, you know. It stretches my life span.

I’m living longer than I thought I would than I even plan to, you know.”


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