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Kogi Hajj Commission Cautions Pilgrims Against Sunstroke in Saudi Arabia

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 By Ishaq Dan-Imam, Lokoja

The Chairman of the Kogi State Muslim Pilgrims Commission, Imam Luqman Abdallah, has advised Kogi State Pilgrims performing this year’s pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia to avoid exposure to the scorching sun in the city of Mecca to avoid contracting Sunstroke as they Kogi State Pilgrims arrived in the city on Wednesday.

According to Abdallah, Kogi State contingent on pilgrimage had performed some religious acts including visitations to the holy sites on arrival in Saudi Arabia in continuation of the activities for this year’s Hajj.

“They are fully accommodated. After the completion of the first and second phases, they are now awaiting the third phase which is the Hajj proper. This begins on the 8th day of Dhul-Hijja, the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.

“During the second phase, they completed the performance of Umrah and the circumambulation of the holy site of Ka’abah, where the pilgrims offered two rakah prayers at the tomb of Prophet Ibrahim (Alayhi Sallam) and the compulsory movement to mounts Safa and Marwa, (seven times), to end the performance of the lesser-Hajj known as Umrah in the Arabic language.”

The Chairman of the Kogi State Hajj Commission also admonished the State pilgrims to limit their movements, especially in the daytime in view of the harsh weather emanating from the scorching sun.

The leader of the Kogi State delegation to this year’s pilgrimage, Zakariyya Aliyu, in a telephone interview that all the Pilgrims from Kogi State are in good condition as they perform religious acts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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