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NCC Grants Routelink Mobile Virtual Network Operating Licence

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The Nigerian Communications Commission has granted Routelink a Mobile Virtual Network Operating License.

The Mobile Virtual Operators’ License MVNO license is a new mobile license category in Nigeria aimed at bridging the gap between the unserved and the underserved in society. The MVNO license is the third license to Routelink from NCC.

The group managing director of Routelink Group, Mr. Femi Adeoti said that the NCC granted this license to Routelink based on the perception of what it is set to do in the market.

MVNOs are carriers that don’t have their own wireless network but instead, they piggyback off another carrier’s platform for coverage through their cell phone plans.

It is a new license category in Nigeria and the ultimate beneficiaries are the subscribers as it would translate into lower costs, more service options, and better quality of service.

“Routelink is excited about the opportunities that abound in the Nigerian telecom marketplace and is determined to make a major difference as regards quality of service and innovation,’’ Femi Adeoti said.

In its drive to create an enabling environment, the NCC has introduced the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) License that will generate employment and bridge the gap between the unserved and the Underserved in Society. It will also further engender competition and provide choices for telecommunication consumers.

The.managing director of Routelink Telecom, Mr. Ikechukwu Nguzo said that the introduction of MVNOs in Nigeria has the potential to stimulate growth in the Nigerian telecom industry and benefit consumers in a number of ways, including coverage expansion, more innovative services, improved service offerings, and partnership opportunities.

MVNOs have continued to gain traction across the world, with the increase in mobile phone users globally. The increased usage of smartphones and mobile data services, as well as the growing preference for flexible and customized mobile services, are primarily responsible for the growth.

However, the success of MVNOs in Nigeria would depend on various factors such as regulatory policies, infrastructure availability, and market demand.

Routelink Telecom provides advanced switching infrastructure and highly reliable Clearing House and Voice Gateway services to major Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria and International partners. 

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