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APC Diaspora Backs Akpabio, Barau For Senate Leadership

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Members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) based in Germany have declared their support for the party’s preferred candidates, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Senator Jubrin Barau for 10th Senate leadership.

The members of the APC Germany chapter in a letter signed by its chairman,  Akinjide Folahan Fashakin and secretary Hon. Akintunde Hareef Akerele said they were optimistic their emergence would ensure peace, justice and stabilise the Senate.

They said, “We believe that Senator Akpabio would make an excellent Senate president due to his exceptional leadership qualities and his commitment to public service.

The Diaspora party faithful cntinued, “As a former governor, former Senate minority leader and former minister, Senator Akpabio has a wealth of experience and knowledge that would be invaluable in leading the Senate.

“He has a proven track record of delivering results and has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills throughout his career. His ascendancy from Commissioner in Akwa Ibom to becoming a two-time governor, a senator and a minister speaks volumes to his abundant experience.

“Senator Akpabio is a man of integrity, who is widely respected and admired for his dedication to public service. He has a deep understanding of the issues facing Nigeria and has shown a strong commitment to finding solutions that benefit all Nigerians.”

They said he is a man that can reach out to the different sides of the aisle, saying that is the kind of man that the people need in a polarised country like Nigeria.

Also in a letter to Senator Jubrin Barau, they expressed support for his candidacy as the next deputy Senate president because of his wealth of experience, dedication, and commitment to public service will make the difference when elected.

They said, “You are an outstanding candidate for this important position. Throughout your tenure as a senator, you have consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and a deep understanding of the issues affecting our great nation.

“Your unwavering commitment to upholding democratic principles and championing the interests of the Nigerian people is commendable. We have closely followed your efforts in advocating for good governance, transparency, and accountability.

“Your unwavering commitment to fostering unity, driving economic growth, and promoting social welfare aligns perfectly with the core values of our dear party APC. Your experience, knowledge, and performance in legislative matters over the years have earned you the reverence you enjoyed now, coupled with your ability to collaborate and build consensus, making you well-suited for the role of Deputy Senate President.”

The party faithful said they are confident that under his leadership, the Senate will continue to function effectively and the needs of the Nigerian people would be properly addressed.

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