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Gov. Abba Kabir Walk the Talk

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By Abdulmalik Suleiman

The ongoing rebuilding and remodeling of the Kano metropolis have triggered a positive and interesting reaction among the residents and Nigerians.

Immediately the governor was sworn in a few days ago, he didn’t waste time in formulating policies to adopt, he immediately commenced work by hitting the ground running, he made some key and vital appointments that very day, Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff, Chief Protocol, Chief Press Secretary, and others.

Gov. Abba didn’t leave anybody in doubt about his readiness and preparedness to govern and once again to put Kano state on the track of development and growth after eight years of kleptomaniac, corrupt and disingenuous administration of former governor, Abdullahi Ganduge, a man of many controversy and frauds.

Already, the new governor has started fulfilling some of his campaign promises especially in the area of education, which is one of the core values of the Kwankwassiyya movement.

He has opened the over twenty (20) technical and vocational institutions of higher learning in the state that was shut down by Gov. Ganduje for no other reason than pettiness just because they were established by former governor Kwankwaso.

Those institutions were established by Sen. Kwankwaso’s administration to train the youths for self-reliance, create wealth, and reduce unemployment in the state in order to bring about sanity and security in the commercial city.

Another area that the governor hasn’t disappointed is the area of illegal structures in public areas. The new action pack governor has commenced reclaiming and remodeling the city, demolition is ongoing in this public area places that were sold or illegally taken and distributed to former governor Ganduge’s cronies.

The once beautiful and sprouting commercial city became an eyesore of itself, reserved area spaces including schools, prayer grounds, a cemetery, and even a one-time FIFA-accredited Sani Abacha world stadium were all converted to plazas and shops.

Other areas he has touched on or shown interest in are hospitals, Water work, Transportation, etc. 

The claims by the opposition that the humble and gentle governor is on a revenge mission are untrue but totally false. The governor is only doing what the people of Kano state voted him to do, take back the public properties, reform education, create job opportunities and reconstruct the entire state is comatose.

One can simply say “No time to waste”: Abba ‘gets right to work’ After Inauguration. He has walked the talk in less than a week.

Kwankwaso has now proved many wrong especially the opposition to the choice of Abba as governor to lead the state at this material time.

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