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Group Advocates Single Currency, Removal of Border Barriers

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Group Advocates Single Currency

Muhammad Garba

A Global Partner known as “African Rise” has called on African leaders and other stakeholders to speedy action in creating a single currency, removing border barriers, and implementing a continental Free Trade Agreement to liberate the continent from its current social and economic Backwardness.

The call was made during the celebration of ” African Libration Week” organized by “African Rise” in collaboration with Save Nigeria Now and Jigawa state Government held in Dutse capital.

In a paper presented by the coordinator of Save Nigeria Now, Comrade Maryam Ibrahim said, the group has observed with dismay how the continent is drifting into social, economic, and security crises despite the abundance of minerals and human resources Almighty God bestowed the continent.


“We must be masters of our own destiny, all Africa must rise, unite themselves, speak with one voice, become brother’s keepers, and join hands toward liberating the continent from contemporary global domination.”

It is time for African leaders to close rank and speed action in creating a single continental currency that can help us to complete any transaction in the continent without necessarily subjecting ourselves to the mercy of other foreign exchange.

“We must redefine our border protocols, remove unnecessary taxation, implement the Continental Free Trade Agreement to enable us to enjoy the huge market of the content and also give us the opportunity to compete in the global market.”

With these we believed the continent will be able to utilize its resources for manufacturing goods and services, enhancing the security and socio-economic of the people,  graduate from chef source of primary goods, and thereby liberate its people from others’ dominance, compete favorably in global affairs and make the continent peaceful and prosperous”  African Rise declared.

According to African Rise, the 2023 African Liberation Week campaign is on borderless African celebration participated by civil society organizations, Union, and other relevant stakeholders from Government and private institution, while over 500 actions and events was conducted across the continent and the diaspora.

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