Home Entertainment “I was told I’m a disgrace to womanhood” – Annie Idibia

“I was told I’m a disgrace to womanhood” – Annie Idibia

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2face and Annie Idibia

Famous Nollywood actress Annie Idibia has spoken about how her marital controversy led to her being tagged a “disgrace to womanhood.”

The actress Annie Idibia and her husband 2Face are currently in the news after the actor’s spouse recently said in a conversation that men have a genetic tendency to cheating.

Annie Idibia revealed that the public emotionally attacked her, mocked her, and referred to her as a disgrace to womanhood in an address on how her marital scandal has affected her personally.

Speaking on the Young, Famous & African reality show’s second season, Annie said that the issues around her rose to popularity because people were always hearing bad things about her and her spouse.


She said, “People want to believe the bad story, they want to believe the worst. They think it’s Annie they are bashing, they think it’s Innocent.

*“They come and they tell me, ‘you are a disgrace to women.’ People…People are heartless.”


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