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BBTitans: Biggie Crowns Tsatsii with New Title

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BBTitans Tsatsii has received a new title from Biggie following a recent victory accomplished during a major task with her crew housemates Ebubu and Khosi.

Biggie commended their group for winning the assignment he gave them against Kanaga Jnr, Yvonne and Ipeleng.

With the wager completed that involved arranging some items in a pyramid form in the Desperado challenge, Big Brother asked if Tsatsii was once an Egyptian with the manner she executed the task alongside her teammates.

Tsatsii is now known as the Egytian in BBTiatans Season 1 Reality TV Show. They scored up to a hundred points to earn their good spot in Biggie’s book, and he assured of announcing the prize for winning the wager.

It would be noted that she has been instrumental in the roles she played during different wagers and other games, including winning the Head of House, HoH, more than once.

Already, she is one of the finalists and is looking forward to winning the $100,000 grand prize.


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