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BOABAB Working to Mitigate SGB V in Kano

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Lukman Abdulmalik

BOABAB is working to mitigate sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) by ensuring the implementation of the Violence Against Person (VAP) Act, Boabab organized a two days workshop for first responders.

The event which took place at Tahir Guest Palace, Kano, entertained both state actors and non-state actors to discuss issues around the SGBV and VAP Act.

Ms. Bunmi Dipo Salami, Executive Director of Boabab disclosed that the workshop is a compositive enchantment on sexual violence in Kano State, aiming at fostering understanding with relevant stakeholders by supporting their works and preventing SGBV to make life better for girls.

She addressed that Boabab has been engaging globally, but recently this workshop is domesticated in Jigawa, Kano, and Bauchi with the support of the MacArthur Foundation towards looking at the VAP Act of 2015.

“For instance in Bauchi and Jigawa State, the Act has been implemented but not in place in Kano.

“So we are trying to see what are the challenges and how we can help.” She said.

In an opening remarks Dr. Zubaida Nagee, Board Chairman, Boabab said the workshop is set to build synergy and partner with stakeholders to ensure women have access to justice.

During her lecture titled ‘transformative leadership to end SGBV’ noted that it “is good to understand what leadership is in order to know how to protect the right of women.”

Hajiya Rabi Gusau, Boabab Zamfara Outreach Coordinator during her presentation on ‘ending violence against women and girls through legislation’ explained that women faced some forms of violence which include; harmful traditional practice, forced marriage, intimate partner violence, economic violence, emotional and psychological violence alongside with trafficking women for forced labour or prostitution.

She said in order to combat violence against women, the child protection law must be implemented and domesticated.

“Active citizen engagement, sensitization to inform and educate, investing more in economic empowerment of women and others.” She recommended.

In an interview with some participants, Bilkisu Ibrahim Sulaiman, Chairperson Feeder, Kano branch said SGBV is a phenomenon that is disturbing and needs a quick response of action from stakeholders in Kano.

Sulaiman added that “Everybody should show concern by sensitizing their wards on how to safeguard themselves and also punish culprits.”

Salisu Abdullahi Marmara, Director of Kano State Ministry of Justice, assured that “Kano State is doing its best to reduce any form of gender-based violence to its minimal level.”

Highlights of the event entailed brainstorming sessions towards developing strategies to mitigate SGBV and ensuring women access justice through partnerships by state and non-state actors.

BAOBAB is a nongovernmental women’s human rights organization; it focuses on women’s legal rights issues under the three systems of law – customary, statutory, and religious laws – in Nigeria

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