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Immense efforts required from all stakeholders towards attaining gender equality and access to digital skills

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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There is a need for improved collaborations across sectors to bridge the gender gap and ensure equality and access to digital skills in Nigeria.

As the world celebrates the 2023 International Women’s Day, Development Communications Network (DevComs) calls on civil society organizations, women’s movements, and other stakeholders to come together for the achievement of the key approaches proposed in several reports upon which the 2023 celebration is based. 

To achieve the 2023 theme, ‘DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality,’ requires intentional actions from all stakeholders.

Women in Africa and especially Nigeria have suffered all forms of discrimination and denial such as lack of access to healthcare services, business and entrepreneurship opportunities, and use of digital technology. While women represent more than half of the global population, they are still under-represented in the digital sector, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

With the current situation in Nigeria, it has become pertinent to acquire knowledge and digital technology skills due to the numerous benefits for individuals, businesses, and organizations which transcends the promotion of equal opportunities for both gender, access to digital skills is also of economic significance.

Considering some of the significant benefits of digital skills; it gives women access to better and improved financial services and enables them to make informed financial decisions, it is useful to female business owners to enable them to stay ahead of the competition and exploit opportunities such as in e-commerce. Likewise, women in agriculture can access more advanced agricultural techniques.

Just as this year’s theme focuses on how technology and education in the digital age can help the empowerment of women and girls across the world, it can enhance gender equality, and open up opportunities to access education virtually while also accessing better healthcare systems and healthy life.

DevComs, therefore, calls on CSOs, NGOs, and experts from the fields of technology and innovation, as well as gender equality activists to channel more efforts towards improving access to digital tools and bridging the digital skills gap among women and girls. “This we believe, will contribute to ensuring that all people especially women and girls have equal access to digital technology and the opportunities it provides”, says Omobonike Adebayo, DevComs Head of Programs.

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