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Fans give reasons Why Kanaga Jnr is “The G.O.A.T.”

by Iliyasu Nuhu
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Kanaga Jnr was once referred to as the BBTitans housemate for not getting enough screen time. Today, after a series of agitations, his fans have concluded that he’s the Greatest Of All Times, G.O.A.T. in Biggie’s house.

Times without number, the vibes-giving housemate has shown how creative STREETS FOR KANAGA JNR, A fans trended the tag on Tuesday, is, especially when it comes to wagering task, his contributions, according to his fans, are unmatched.

This morning, while they all prepared for their forth-coming wager that involves composing songs and performing them, Kanaga showed how inclined he is with sharply scripting lyrics that blew the minds of other housemates.

To help matters out, Big Brother supplied the house with instrumentals based on individual preferences, and WORLD PRESIDENT KANAGA JNR preferred a flute which he played beautifully.

He did most of the alignment of the song, the composition and coordination, organising his fellow housemates to deliver the song in a manner that would impress Biggie.

One of his fans, @blogmyheartout, even tweeted, “I heard one of famous Nollywood sounds & I just knew it was Kanaga Jnr playing the recorder I have to dip my hands into his bag of talents cos Omo! E too choke!”


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