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Abba Gida-Gida Dissociates Self from Viral Video Calling for Release of Sheik Abduljabbar

- Gives Almaliki 24hrs to withdraw the defamatory video or face a lawsuit

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The attention of His Excellency Engr. Abba K. Yusuf, the NNPP gubernatorial candidate has been drawn to a viral video going round on social media where one Almaliki Nasiru Kabara claimed that he promised to give Sheikh Abduljabbar a state pardon and release him from prison if elected the Governor of Kano State.

To set the record straight, the allegation from self-acclaimed Sheikh Almaliki is not true and there was no agreement between his Excellency Abba K. Yusuf and any individual or group on the release of any prisoner.

Out of sheer respect for democratic values and separation of power, Engr. Abba, if elected Kano State Governor, is determined not to interfere in the judicial processes or pardon anyone serving jail term out of a politically motivated interest.

The video is a calculated attempt to defame the hard-earned reputation of Engr. Abba was put forward by some undemocratic elements with a view to setting up the NNPP gubernatorial candidate against the peaceful Kano voters.

By this statement, we wish to issue a 24-hour ultimatum for Almaliki to withdraw the seriously denigrating video or accept an option of a lawsuit at a Sharia court after the expiration of this warning.

His Excellency as a law-abiding citizen and political leader will not do anything to undermine the role of the judiciary as an independent arm of government. His Excellency as a Governor if elected would not interfere in any case before the court.

We are pretty sure that the defamatory statement by Almaliki Kabara is fully sponsored by the Kano State government as a result of the defeat they suffered in the recent general elections in the state.

“No amount of blackmail on the personality of Abba Gida Gida can reduce the intensity of  the overwhelming support he receives from  the good people of Kano State ahead of the March 11th election.”


Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa
Spokesperson to NNPP Gubernatorial Candidate
Kano State 2023

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