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“Hero of our time” Cubana Chief Priest hails injured woman

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Celebrity bar man and socialite, Cubana Chief Priest has commanded a patriotic Nigerian for her act of bravery at her polling unit.

The incident occurred at a polling unit in the Surulere area of the state on Saturday, February 25th.

Voting in the presidential and National Assembly polls was ongoing when thugs stormed the location and destroyed election materials.

They hit people that tried to confront them including the brave woman who sustained a head injury.

However, this didn’t stop the woman from voting as she returned to her polling unit after her wounds were treated to cast her vote.

Applauding her, Cubana Chief Priest described her as the Hero of the day as she is a true definition of a New Nigeria.

He urged his millions of followers to show her love and support by donating to her.

In a bid to convince people to give to her, he revealed that the woman lost so much blood as a result of the injury and her worn out tissues needs to be replenish.

“Hero of the Day, She is the true definition of a New Nigeria. Abeg make una swipe to show her love make she fit replenish her worn out tissues, blood wey she lose no be here. Nothing too small for her bravery towards Naija. She will never regret”.


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