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Tonto Dikeh call ex-husband worst thing that ever happened to her

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Since their divorce in 2017, the ex-couple has made headlines for constantly criticizing each other.

Tonto Dikeh has called her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, for allegedly spreading lies about her and being a deadbeat father.

This comes after they celebrated their son’s 7th birthday together yesterday, with both parents taking to social media to express their joy.

Churchill wrote an interesting note to his son, describing him as the best thing that had ever happened to him and the most precious gift in his life.

After this post, Dikeh took to Instagram to share snapshots of her conversation with him, detailing the alleged “lies” and misinformation that her ex-husband has shared about her.

She detailed how Churchill and his family claimed they won the child’s custody in the court case, but they decided to leave the child for her. She then expressed that she was the one who won the case and that Churchill was just lying.

Dikeh added that her ex-husband was ordered to pay for their son’s CS fees but paid four months’ fees because he had told the court he was broke.

The actress further revealed that Churchill has never taken any responsibility for the welfare of their son, yet he brags online about how much he does.

She detailed how she was the one carrying the family financially with her ex-husband doing nothing, and even when he got his first “Yahoo money,” he never did anything for her.

Dikeh expressed that she regrets having Churchill as the father of her child, as he is the worst thing that ever happened to her.

She stated that she wakes up every day apologizing to her child for having him as his father.

She finally said that she will make sure that her son doesn’t ever need a dime from him, not even his name.

Tonto parted ways with Churchill in 2017—just two years after their wedding in 2015—over allegations of domestic abuse and extramarital affairs.

The divorce process was messy, as it attracted huge media attention following their back-and-forth squabble on social media.


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