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Tilde’s Tirade and Jega’s Boasting: A Pointer

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Yunusa Hamza

Political change in Nigeria over the years has caused many performers to regress or take two steps back since “isms” do dominate their thinking and analytical fervour.

It can be claimed that the era in which models were created from their roles in pursuing what they consciously believed in is long gone, and it amazes one to witness renowned pen academics accepting illiterate advice from self-pitying pundits.

Tilde, as is well known, is not anticipated to be an island but rather someone who looks beyond the typical paper-rants analyst who sees or lacks conventional location or position to address concerns, only that they bark from both within and outside the bounds of their specialization (if any). It is expected of wise colleagues or role models who have been a part of society for a long time to show fortitude and avoid being easily dislodged by an uncultured and self-acclaimed professional. (Italicsmine)

One should have anticipated that at this critical juncture, the focus would be more on delivering shock observers to the populace and illustrating the essence of policies and their implications, particularly during the transition and beyond, with traditional allusions to comparable events involving the global, national, sub-national, and local level economies. Issues about currency swap and the alleged opportunities and problems they pose to the social environment, political architecture, geographical disposition, racial connotation and biasness, religious coloration, and many other “isms” all should thus be the focal point of discussion.

Reading Tildes’ post is depressing since it contains allusions to unknown social media opportunists who are trying to convince their throngs of followers and gladiators that their position is the most important one to take attention of.

Another prominent actor is Jega, whose stylish commentary from the beginning to the audience’s vantage point greatly influenced the throngs of fans. However, his most recent appointment could be considered self-promotional as opposed to the earlier discussion we had with him, which educated many about historical references and analysis.

I believe these qualities are woven into all your crusades, but don’t let them be removed from the middle. These two gentlemen should adopt the ethical culture of a bird species, namely the eagle, whose visionary is powerful, with a fearless approach, unbendable stance, and care much for the younger generation.

Hamza is the Tafidan Farin Dutse. He can be reached via yunusafarindutse@gmail.com  

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