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Obi promises to return Kano to its glorious days of industry

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The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi at a grand mega political rally in Kano on Sunday promised to bring Kano back on track to its glorious days of groundnut pyramids and as the business hub of the North.

He said Datti and himself want to rebuild a new Nigeria.” I know Kano very well as a businessman, the Kano you see today is a ghost of what Kano used to be.

“Kano you see today is Kano of poverty, people are poor in Kano, I drove around when I came into Kano, from Bompai Industrial estate to Sharada Phase I, Phase II, phase III.

“The Sabongari market that used to be a booming market people are not selling anything any longer, no money in Kano. What we want to do is to bring Kano back to what it used to be.

“We can only do it by pulling you out of poverty. We are not in this business to waste anybody’s time. They have deceived you, they promised you and delivered nothing. We want you to take what we are saying and you will see them happen

“When I was trading, if you look for cash, they will tell you to go to Kano. Today, banks don’t have cash in Kano. Nothing is remaining in Kano. Kano has now become a place where you breed hunger and poverty. We don’t want that to continue.

“Our promise number one is to secure and protect the people of Nigeria, we will secure Nigeria, we will unite Nigeria. We don’t want people to say I am from East, North, South, or west, we want people to say we are Nigerians no matter where they come from.

“We want a Nigeria where a man from the South can become the Emir of Kano and a man from the North become the Emir of Enugu, that is the Nigeria we want.

“All they do today is sharing, we want to remove Nigeria from Consumption to production. All factories, in Bompai, Sharada phase I, II, and III must come back and Sabongari Market must come back alive.

“Datti and I are not for sharing, we are different. We will lead by the rule of law. When we say we are going to fight corruption believe us, we are going to fight corruption.

“People will no longer take money by doing nothing. We want to remove the idea of Monkey the work, Baboon the chop

“Datti and I have said it, this election this year don’t allow them to deceive you. They can come and tell you they are from the North, no, this election will not be based on ethnicity or tribe. “If they tell you so, tell them we have supported you for years and here we are Hungary. They keep you in poverty yet they tell you they are from the North.

“Why is the north poor if leadership is about the tribe? Is there anywhere you can buy bread cheaper by tribe?

“Let them not tell you about religion, they have said it several years yet Muslims are becoming poor, Christians are poor. That is what they will tell you so they will continue stealing your money. “This election is not about religion. If they tell you about religion ask them how you will get a job, how will I eat, and where will I eat.

“Is there anywhere you went to buy something at a shop and you mention your religion and they give it to you free? Is there anywhere Muslims buy bread cheaper? Is there anywhere Christians buy bread cheaper? So why are we quarreling?

“If you go to Dubai, the Catholic Church there was built by the Emir of Dubai who is a Muslim. So why are they dividing us here? “Muslims and Christians have been living together peacefully in Kano and all over the North.

“Let them not come to tell you this election is my turn. No, it is rather the turn of Nigerians to take back their country.

“I am from the South East and I am an Ibo man. Don’t vote for me because I am from the South East, vote for me because I am the most qualified Nigerian.

“Let me assure you, I have said it everywhere and I am saying it in the ancient city of Kano, I will solve the problem of the North, I will pull the North out of poverty, I know what to do to pull them out of poverty.

“We know what to do with the vast uncultivated lands in the North, My governance will come from the North

“We are not making fake promises. The next election will be based on character, and people we can trust.

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