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Group Advocate Rule of Law on CBN Governor’s Probe

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Muhammad Garba

A group of civil society organizations known as Patriots Network of Nigeria and Citizens Stability Forum (CSF) has called on all authorities concerned and the general public to allow rule of law to take its cause on the ongoing allegation of financial misconduct against the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

The call was contained in a statement issued to newsmen in Dutse, Jigawa State by the lead convener of the forum, Comrade Mukhtar Lawal

The group challenged the people who are making efforts to interfere in the matter to avoid doing so in the interest of peace and progress of the country.

“Nobody is immune, sacrosanctity or above the law in the eye of justice, therefore if there is an allegation or questions need to be answered by the CBN governor the authority concern should be allowed to work according to the constitution.”

The statement explained that the forum decided to organize this press conference to look at how the move to arrest and investigate the CBN governor is taking another dimension just because of the personal interest of a few people.

“It is known that the DSS invited CBN governor over accusations of economic and financial crimes of national security dimension and have even filed an ex-parte motion at the high court in Abuja for his arrest over these accusations.

“However, while the sitting judge declined the ex-parte motion filed, he mentioned that if the DSS believes that the evidence available to it so far is sufficient, then it has the jurisdiction to arrest and detain the applicant, even without the order of the court.

“While all this is ongoing, Mr. Emefiele was alerted of the plans by DSS to arrest him and hurriedly left the country to avoid arrest, which only indicates his unwillingness to answer and address the accusation surrounding him.

“What is preventing Emefiele from allowing the investigation by DSS? Why are powerful people who are known to be selfish and corrupt supporting Emefiele and shielding him away from the investigation?

“We cannot have a country where only the poor and powerless are subjected to the rule of law whereas those in power and their cohorts are not, this trend will not auger well for the future of the nation.” the statement declared.

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