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The Unspoken Reason

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Jonathan Lkua Bobai

There once was a party ruling at the center. That party made over-invoicing and contract inflation into an institution and unwritten policy of the state in almost all government procurement projects.

One unspoken reason is, there is a need to take care of the party structure at the expense of the citizenry and taxpayers.

The extra funds above the project procurement value are distributed across the following:

1. The office holder

2. The party stakeholders

3. The party Exco

4. Key Opinion leaders in the community including traditional leaders, e.t.c

This has been the trend of governance in Nigeria across the Federal, State, and Local government levels.

Many active politicians have been beneficiaries of the system at one time or the other.

Those still in government want continuity of the system.

Those who are outside the government want a return to what they had enjoyed in the past.

This is one of the unspoken reasons why you cannot understand why your brother, sister, friend, colleague, or townsman is supporting and working hard for those who are raped or who once raped Nigeria so that they will either continue or return again to continue the destruction.

They may give you many reasons for their support of those candidates and parties BUT THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS ONE, I AM TELLING YOU NOW.

I pray that God will open your spiritual and political eyes to see why some political hatchet men and structures are leading you to support their candidate.

Ask them if it is for your sake and your children and the future or whether it is for their own benefit.

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