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Global Funds Engages Communities to End AIDs, Tuberculosis, Malaria in Jigawa

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Muhammad Garba

Global Fund has engaged community organizations to fight against the spread of HIV IDs, Tuberculosis, and malaria disease in Jigawa state.

Speaking at a media presentation on the activities of the partner that are managed by the Network of People with HIV Aids in Nigeria (NEPWHAN), the Jigawa state project coordinator Mr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim stated that, the project is designed to achieve its targeted goals through community ownerships. 

He explained that they have already trained and built the capacity of many Community-Based Organizations, particularly in five piloting local government areas of Jigawa state, namely Sule Tankrkar, Gwram, Birniwa, Roni, and Tura local government.

The coordinator stated that the project is working toward ending HIV Aids, Tuberculosis, and malaria disease in society with additional intervention for COVID-19.

“The fight against the ATM is expected to be chive by creating a sense of ownership among the community, encouraging people to access healthcare service “,

“Under this project, we are building the capacity of Community Organizations and Governments at different levels to strengthen health information systems coordinate and manage health projects, delivering health service in a sustainable and equitable manner for better public healthcare service delivery outcomes.

“In the last year our engagement with CBO has yelled fruitful results as the involved community executed many projects at their health facilities, this is a clear demonstration of their commitment and takes ownership in public healthcare service delivery.

“Such projects executed by the community organization include: renovation of the floor, Roofing, provision of seats for the patients, storage facilities, and toilets among others, and these can be found at Zugai PHC, Hannun Giwa PHC, Maje PHC, Batu PHC among   others”

During the media briefing, the representatives of various community organizations and traditional and religious leaders reiterated their commitment to work with partners to end the three diseases which in return will save millions of lives in the state and beyond.

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