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CITAD Calls for Equal Participation of PwDs in Workspaces

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Hassana Umar

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) by calling on the private and public sectors to promote access and equal participation of persons with disabilities in their workspace and life in general.

CITAD Coordinator of PwDs, Malam Sagiru Ado Abubakar made the remarks in his speech at the 2022 International Day of Persons with Disabilities activity held on Saturday, at the CITAD office in Kano.

 “In today’s world, our society has come to the realization that physical disability is not inability, therefore, people with disabilities should not be incapacitated from achieving something positive in life.

“These people living with physical disability have talents, they must therefore be provided an enabling environment to realize their full potential in all spheres of human endeavor,” he added.

He also called on stakeholders to continue to embrace initiatives that would empower people living with disabilities. “This will enable them to contribute positively and immensely to the socio-economic development of the state and country at large.”

Also speaking, Mr. Hamza Isa Kabuwaya emphasized the need for stakeholders to continue to look for solutions that are innovative and transformative.

Kabuwaya charged PwDs to challenge all forms of stereotypes and discrimination against them, saying, “It is our collective duty as a people.”

The 2022 theme for IDPwD is ‘Transformative Solutions for Inclusive Development; The Role of Innovation in Fueling an Accessible and Equitable World.’

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