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Arise TV Town Hall Meeting: My Observations, Verdict

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By Godwin Atadoka

Atiku did very well in the following direction

1. He was consistent and coherent with words

2. He showed some empirical evidence of his achievements as VP

3. He demonstrated maturity in operating within the scope of the debate.

4. He appeared polite and diplomatic

5. He demonstrated and reaffirmed as the most experienced and the most prepared for the job.

On kwakwanso

1. He was confrontational with Atiku

2. He looks like someone who is fronting for another presidential candidate

3. He was able to give empirical evidence of his achievements in education as Kano state governor

4. He looks like a sectional candidate

5. He doesn’t sound presidential, his tantrum make him look casual and unserious candidate

On Peter Obi

1. He tried in the area of solutions for poverty reduction

2. He needs to avoid statistics, most of them are not correct

3. He will be a very friendly president

4. He doesn’t look like a courageous leader with the capacity to handle Nigerian politicians.

5. Peter needs to domesticate our solutions instead of unnecessary comparison with other countries.

In all, they tried!

Atiku did better in my opinion.

Sadly Tinubu was absent without apologies

An Osinbajo candidacy would have done the APC proud yesterday! However, the town hall meeting further solidifies my sympathy for the PDP as a party of national unity with partial solutions to our problem.

The supporters of new parties need to learn decorum, see the way Atiku and Obi were making reference to each other’s statement yesterday with respect for each other politics is different from agitation, politics is not Ijebu Ijebu, politics is a game of dialogue and diplomacy.

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