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SOZECOM Unveils Untapped Waqf Potentials for Socio-Economic Development

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Musa Na Allah Sokoto

Sokoto State Zakat and Endowment Commission (SOZECOM) has unveiled a new Waqaf Model that will be instrumental in tapping the neglected area of Waqf potential for the improve the socio-economic status of the masses in Sokoto and across the Globe.

The Executive Chairman Malam Muhammad Maidoki unveiled the Model during a research paper presentation titled “Untapped Waqf Potentials for socio-economic Development in Sokoto, the Perceptions of Amilin” at the ongoing 10th Global Waqf Conference in Balawahur, Pakistan.

He said the Waqf potential can be tapped in the areas of Human (Waqaful Bashary), Natural resources, and Waqf from companies, factories, Hotels, restaurants, Banks, Business moguls, telecommunications, transport, trade unions, etc.

“These untapped forms of Waqf if utilized effectively can help to foster self-reliance, sustainable income, and employment opportunities for optimum socio-economic development of the Ummah.

He called on all and sundry to adopt and domesticate the model in order to positively improve the socio-economic well-being of the people in their localities.

The conference was attended by academicians, researchers, Zakat and Waqf administrators, and managers across the world.

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