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NNPP Now The Main Opposition Party in Gombe

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By Hon. Edward Mailafiya

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Gombe state was full of hope of returning to the government house of the state as well as winning many national and state assembly seats during the 2023 polls.

This hope was a result of the handling of the state’s affairs by the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) administration that campaigned on a promise to do better or perform more than the previous administration especially led by Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo who no doubt touched many sectors with his developmental drive.

It is glaring that the ruling APC in Gombe state has failed to deliver on its promise to outshine the performance of the PDP administration.

The failures of the APC which should serve as an advantage to the PDP to bounce back to power are now serving as an advantage to the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), which from all indications is now the main opposition party in Gombe state.

The PDP has been relegated to the second opposition party in the state as it is losing its bigwigs to the NNPP which is the result of some factors attributed to its Governorship candidate Muhammad Jibrin Barde.

Barde has failed to carry the party members along as a united team to face the task of unseating APC.

Barde’s total disregard for the people that labored and sustain the party in the state even when he was fighting the PDP and its leadership in the state are now leaving the party for him, joining the new bride NNPP.

The spirit of the fight Barde fought against the former Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo whom he is deceitfully referring to as party leader in Gombe has now shifted to people that were protecting the former Governor when Barde was fighting him and accusing him of mismanagement of the state’s resources.

There is no magic that will be performed to unseat APC in Gombe with what is happening now in the PDP, the candidate has not been carrying the executive of the party in the state which is further compounding issues in the party.

Already the majority of the state’s executive members are threatening to dump the party for the NNPP which will further prove that the NNPP is now the main opposition party in Gombe.

The approach of Barde to all campaign activities and his treatment of some PDP leaders in the state is a clear indication and pointer to the treatment he will give to the people of the state and its leadership at all levels in respective of the tribe, religion, and party affiliation. No human being in his right sense will wish a state such kind of a person as a leader.

The words coming out of his mouth against some prominent personalities in the state are scary.

This is a person seeking power not in power, what will happen when power is in his hands only God knows?

The NNPP in Gombe will continue receiving members of the PDP making it more strong as the main opposition party in Gombe state.

Mailafiya Baganje writes from Billiri LG, Gombe State

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