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Nollywood Actor Timini Egbuson breaks ladies’ hearts

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Nollywood badboy Timini Egbuson has broken the hearts of the many ladies longing to have him in their arms as they would have to wait for a longer time.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Egbuson noted that he is not ready to settle for marriage anytime soon. He said,*

“Marriage is not what I am considering right now. Relationships can be very distracting, considering the level I am trying to get to in my career internationally. I feel like I need to focus.”

The actor also stated that he was always himself, whether on or off camera. He added,

“Fans know that I am hundred per cent myself. The only way I would have been under pressure was if I was trying to be who I am not. On and off the camera, even on social media, I am the same. The Timini you see today is the one you* will see tomorrow.”


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