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Markaz Ihyahi Sunnah Foundation Graduates Seven, Makes Cash Donations  

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By Ozumi Abdul

Markaz Ihyahi Sunnah Foundation on Saturday graduated seven students, makes cash donations, and as well issued certificates to the graduands.

The foundation which was founded over 12 years ago in Kano is geared towards improving quality of life, reviving the fading Islamic heritage, and providing quality religious studies to knowledge seekers.

According to the Director, Ustadh Ibraheem Abubakr Amosa the Foundation is a non-profit making organization and the major areas of focus are education, health, and livelihood programs. 

He noted that the average number of students is approximately 155, adding that the institution has never charged fees from any student.

Its contribution includes the distribution of Mushafs, Hadeeth, and Fiqh books, writing materials, a sewing machine, a computer system, and mosquito nets to students over the years – all free of charge.

“Alhamdulillaah, Muslim Community needs qualified Islamic teachers; male and female. Insha-Allah we will produce young qualified teachers. Here and now, we have seven of our students who wrote a book in Arabic called Sisilatul ‘Aqeedah bi Adillati Saheehah; they are Rasheed Muhammad, Abdullah Kamaludeen, Dhikrullah Abdullah, Ruqayyah Shehu, Ruqayyah Ahmad Al Ameen, Rumaiza Sadiq Abdullah, and Fatima Yusuf Garzali”, he said.

 Among notable personalities that graced the occasion are Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Getso, Sheikh Dr. Khidir Bashir, Sheikh Gambo Ado, Dr. Inuwa Darma, and several others.

 Cash prices, award presentations, certificate presentations, and others were made.

On the source of the foundation’s support, the Director Ustadh Ibraheem Abubakr Amosa said most of the support for the foundations usually comes from good spirited individuals and friends.

He noted that it is imperative to help the needy in society and also to equally train several female teachers which he said is lacking within the neighborhood.

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