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2023: Nigeria, Which Way?

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Dr. Dahiru Muhammad Hashim

It is less than three months to the 2023 general election, and for the first time, Nigerians have the opportunity to select among four major presidential candidates. Fortunately, all these have an extensive record of public service at the highest levels in Nigeria, making their leadership antecedents well-known to all informed Nigerians.

For example, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and Peter Obi served as the governors of their respective states for eight years, and Atiku Abubakar was Nigeria’s former vice president.

In my opinion, the leadership antecedents of these candidates offer Nigerians a golden opportunity to look back at the candidates’ capacity, skills, integrity, accountability, and pedigree before casting their votes.

Many news channels have invited these candidates to explain to patriotic Nigerians their plans and level of preparedness concerning managing the affairs of our nation and addressing the myriad of challenges this country is facing, including persistent insecurity, lingering corruption, high inflation, ASUU strike, enormous debts, unemployment, and more.

It is an indisputable fact that Nigeria needs strong leadership to get back on track, but alas. The criteria for selecting a new president of Nigeria should include a strong track record, physical and mental fitness, fundamental patriotism, integrity, and empathy.

The NNPP presidential candidate, Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, has consistently outperformed other candidates in all the media events they took part in, including the Arise and Channel TV’s town hall meetings, the Candidate by Kadria Ahmad, and various other media appearances.

Kwankwaso proved qualified to work on solving Nigeria’s current problems, given his prior record of excellent leadership.

He is a retired civil servant with 17 years of experience, a deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, a member National Constitutional Conference, a former governor of Nigeria’s most populous state, a former minister of defense, and a former presidential envoy to Somalia and Darfur.

Many Nigerians have expressed their satisfaction with Kwankwaso’s insightful interviews, his philosophical views, and the breadth of his knowledge.

He should be a case study in human advancement, capacity building, and welfare. His overall performance has persuaded so many young minds that Nigerians will profit much from supporting the NNPP in the upcoming election.

Like all people, we may have other candidates that we are supporting, but when your candidate’s qualities are compared to Kwankwaso’s tenacious vision for quality education, increasing access to quality healthcare, relentless and fierce ambition to put Nigeria on a straight and solid foundation of good governance, and exceptional achievement in all the public offices he held, the final decision is inevitable.

So many of us are unhappy with the state of the country, fortunately, voting for a trustworthy candidate during an election is the sole method to alter our shared history and determine our destiny.

In Kwankwaso, I see a leader and a force for improving the lives of Nigerians and the generations to follow.

Dr. Hashim is an advocate of youth inclusion and can be reached via dahiru.muhd1993@gmail.com

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