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Meta Concert: Ayra Starr sparks outrage with her skimpy outfit

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Rising Mavins musician Ayra Starr is getting criticized for wearing a provocative dress to the Meta concert, which was held in Lagos last night, November 24, 2022

The female singer, who was one of the performers of the night, wore a short skirt, a small, revealing top, and her signature high boots.

The outfit has sparked outrage on social media, with many complaining it barely covered her body.

“This girl will definitely someday go on stage stack n@ked, I don’t know what she is trying to prove, skinny thing like her, you get talent already, why you dey still dress like mad woman, who you dey impress, if them begin to list fine fine girls for this 9ja music industry. I no sure say you go dey top 10,yet na you mumu pass, tems sef wey get banging body dey cover up. Respect ur body 4 once na this skeleton, since you broke out i hv nvr seen you dress like a girl that came out from a good home, and i sure say you know from trenches come out [sic]”

Contrary to many people’s opinion, Martins defended Ayra saying: “You no Kuku Sabi anything….and how is this an indecent dressing…it’s like telling cardi and Nicky they shud dress well…this is music bro being sexy comes with it dumb [sic]”

Obviously irritated, Damilola said: “what rubbish dress is this…. even ur senior ladies in the industry never dress this bad…. Omoh maybe when you get more mature sha [sic]”


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