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Eclipse of the Moon on 8 November 2022

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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Eclipse of the moon

Emmanuel Gandu

A total lunar eclipse will occur today Tuesday 8 November 2022.

An eclipse of the moon takes place when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, the moon moves into the earth’s shadow, and are exactly or closely aligned with each other making the moon partially not visible or fully not visible for some period of time depending on the position, place, or continent one finds himself at the time of occurrence.

A total lunar eclipse is when the earth comes between the sun and the full moon, blocking the sun’s direct rays from lighting up the moon.

As a result, the moon becomes fully immersed in the earth’s shadow, and takes a blood-red glow.

The reddish brown color of a totally eclipsed moon is caused by the earth completely blocking direct sunlight from reaching the moon, thereby causing a reflection and refraction from the atmosphere resembling a sunset or sunrise. This usually happens on the night of a full moon.

It is safe to view a total lunar eclipse without any eye-protective glasses/devices because the brightness is dimmer than during a normal full moon.

This 8 November 2022 total lunar eclipse will be witnessed throughout North America, Asia, Australia, and the rest of the Pacific.

Africa, South America, and the rest of the Atlantic will not experience this 8 November 2022 lunar eclipse.

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