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Saints and Sinners   

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Saints - Sinners

By Emmanuel Gandu

The world is habited by two personality lifestyles that shape the ultimate being of the human.

One either ends up a saint or a sinner.

Because the challenges of life present themselves in a diversity of ways, one may have to take responsibility for his/her destiny.

Therefore, every kind of challenge you face, the choices, and the decisions you make are driven by YOU.

A saint is a person who did ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

A saint offered his/her life in sacrificial Service to humanity and God by pursuing acts of holiness in thought, motive, and practice.

As a result, he/she has been chosen and set apart by God, is justified by faith in Jesus Christ, and is sanctified by the spirit of God.

Make no mistake about it, being a saint is not synonymous with a particular religion or denomination.

The name “Saint” is only a form of identification by certain denominations, while the philosophy behind the name applies to all religious groups.

All religions pray to one God.

(1) All people of any religious affiliation who live a clean, holy, sacrificial life of love of God and neighbor do see God face to face in heaven.

(2) Prior to the advent of Christianity, our ancestors of good character, conduct, and faith who adhered to the principles of love of God and neighbor are seated with God in heaven.

(2) Jews, Muslims, Hindus, African traditional religions, etc who live godly lives are seated with God in heaven.

(3)Christians who do not live Godly lifestyles may not attain sainthood and hence do not merit heaven.

However, in every saint, there was a sinner.

Because we are human, we may find ourselves doing things we may not have intended to do.

We are entrenched in a world of crime and criminality, lust, deceit, greed, corruption, murder, hatred, injustice, and all sorts of vices that make us unworthy.

We find ourselves drifting apart from Godliness.

Sin is the greatest burden for man towards the attainment of sainthood, but with the constant struggle in the flesh, efforts, and repentance, we hope for not only God’s unmerited justification but His glorification in heaven.

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