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World Mission Sunday 2022: You are my witness – Acts 1:8

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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World Mission Sunday 2022

By Emmanuel Gandu

This is a day set aside for the Catholic Church throughout the world to renew its commitment and support to the work of missionaries by making available their material wealth, talent, and time so that the evangelization work will reach out to those who are in need.

Mission Sunday is observed on the next – to – last Sunday in October every year.

How the day came about

Mission Sunday was created by Pope Pius XI in 1926, and since then, it has been used as an opportunity to support the work of evangelization.

According to Pope John Paul II, World Mission Sunday is “an important day in the life of the church because it teaches how to give as an offering made to God, in Eucharistic celebration and for all the missions of the world.”

Theme for 2022

The theme for the 2022 Mission Sunday is “You shall be my Witness …… and to the ends of the earth” – Acts 1:8

Pope Francis’s message is hinged on the theme of Christs’ departing message to the apostles to speak to the community on the ecclesial dimension of the missionary call, and expresses the fact that no missionary acts alone, and on his behalf, but performs in union with others to carry out the mission work entrusted to them in order to be witnesses for Christ.

What will the donations be used for?

The funds so collected are distributed all over the world to the following needs etc :

(1) Build or renovate churches where there is a need.

(2) Support the training of Seminarians and the Religious.

(3) Support orphanages, the homeless, and the vulnerable in society.

(4) Provide homes, food, medical care, and hospitals/clinics.

(5) Provide communication and transportation needs.

(6) Provide education to critical and needy areas.

(7) To assist areas devastated by war or natural disasters.

(8) Help in the opening of new Dioceses, parishes, and churches.

How do you support this?

(1) Bring along your contribution to the church during the collection.

(2) Pay into the parish bank account

(3) Give your envelope to your parish priest.

How are the funds distributed?

The many mission Dioceses especially in poor countries like Africa including Nigeria receive regular annual assistance from the funds collected.

Each year, these mission Dioceses submit their requests to the Pontifical Mission Society for assistance in identified critical areas.

Then the directors of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith gather to vote on these requests, matching the funds available with the greatest needs.

These funds are then distributed to these needy Dioceses throughout the world.

Who are the managers of the fund

As mentioned earlier, the funds collected on a mission Sunday are managed by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

The aims, objectives, and duties of this society are to support missionaries bring the love of Christ to all corners of the world.

Just take a look at your parish or neighboring parish or your home parish or Diocese and see whether the structures and whatever is available were provided by the personal finances/ contributions of your members alone. I believe not. Well then, the mission Sunday collection all over the world may have assisted to provide all that.

Please contribute your quota and be blessed.

Happy Mission Sunday

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